DevBootstrap is an intensive, software developer training course, conducted full-time over 1 week and across three streams: Client Side, Server Side and Game Development. At end of the course, students will have the skills needed to hit the ground running as a skilled software developer.

1 week of intense training!

The course is not going to be easy but it will be fun! On DevBootstrap you will need to work harder than you have ever before! We have expert teachers, with years of experience, to guide and assist you on your journey to becoming an expert software developer – ready to take on the world! At the end of the course, you’ll be amazed what you have achieved and what you can do.

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Core Technologies

On DevBootstrap we will start with the fundamentals of programming using languages Ruby, Javascript or C# (depending the stream) before moving on to the frameworks Rails, Angular JS or Unity 3D (again depending on the stream). Students will also learn about test driven development, pair programming, software versioning using Git, client demos and much more. Fasten your seat-belts – the course is totally immersive and completely hands on!

Server Side Stream: Ruby on Rails

On the Sever Side Stream, students will learn about Ruby and Rails. Rails is an incredibly popular and powerful server side technology for rapidly building prototypes and world class production ready applications. Deeply rooted in the ‘convention over configuration’ ideology and ‘Model View Controller’ pattern of building applications – Rails has quickly become a first choice framework for startups and developers the world over.

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Client Side Stream: React Native

React Native is a modern framework developed by Facebook to build native mobile applications using JavaScript. It's fun, fast and intuitive. It's a framework that has proven its fame with developers and customers alike. If you have always wanted to develop applications for the mobile platform then consider taking this course!

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Game Development Stream: Unity 3D

On the Game Development Stream, students will learn how to develop fully functioning games using Unity 3D. The course will start with a primer in C# and quickly move onto the Unity 3D developer application, game engine, and then a deep study of the components of game development: cameras, lighting, sound, physics, animations and so on.

All the skills you need

Understanding programming languages and frameworks is only the beginning. You will also learn peripheral skills that allow you to fit in easily to an existing software development team.

Interpersonal Skills

Gain experience pair programming, giving presentations, real client demos, code reviews and more.

Agile Development

Lean about agile techniques such as Kanban and Scrum to manage and adapt software change effectively

Test Driven Development

Learn how to build well tested, easy to maintain software so that you can sleep at night!


Gain experience prototyping an idea to working application in days or even hours!

Source Control using Git

Learn how to work as a team by collaborating together on a single application using Git


Get to grips with the latest HTML5 API and CSS tips and tricks

Hands on experience

Dev Bootstrap aims to give students hands on experience from the get go. Students will learn right away what it takes to build real world, production ready applications.

Intensive training

There is a lot to cover during the course and it won’t be easy! However, we will make sure that at every step of the way, students are comfortable with where they are at and confident to build well tested, working applications. Students must be prepared to put in a lot of energy into this course to get the best experience!


A key challenge of learning to be a developer is to know how to learn independently. Many times during a typical working day, a typical developer may get ‘stuck’ on something. Being able to quickly get out of that situation is an important skill to have. During Dev Bootstrap, students will likely get stuck more than ever and our Coaches will be there to guide the students back on track.

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