Frequently Asked Questions

What will I do during the 3 weeks (t-3) leading up to DevBootstrap?

You’ll setup your working environment on your laptop which basically means installing Ruby and Rails, Angular JS, Sublime Text Editor, Git, Chrome etc, etc so that you can begin learning directly on your machine. You’ll also be given a number of tutorials and exercises to complete each week in basic Ruby and JavaScript programming. All these things help ensure we hit the ground running on Day 1 at Dev Bootstrap!

What is the application process for DevBootstrap?

You can apply online either by filling out the application form on this website or by contacting us any other way, either by email, phone or personal visit!

The process is then as follows

  1. DevBootstrap placement staff will review your application.
  2. If approved, you will be invited to take a short programming test in your favorite language.
  3. If you pass the programming test, you will be asked to build a small client or server application.
  4. If you pass the application test, you will be interviewed by one of our coaches.
  5. If the coaches think your ready, you will be interviewed by one of our HR staff.
  6. By this point you might already be tired, but it probably means you have reserved a place on the bootcamp! Well done! :)

What is Dev Bootstrap?

Dev Bootstrap is a 1 week intensive software developer training program running in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The course is full-time and roughly 40 hours per week, on site, Monday through Friday, but you will be expected to study and continue to learn during evenings and weekends. We teach professional web development using either Ruby (using Rails) or Javascript (using Angular JS) depending on the stream you choose.

What kind of people are you looking for?

You are someone who has tried out and loved programming. It does not matter what programming language you have used, as long as you have already had some exposure that is fine. You know about computers, the internet and maybe have already built a simple website or mobile app! As long as you have that passion and want to take your skills to an insane level then you are just about right for Dev Bootstrap!

How many places are available for each DevBootstrap?

The maximum number of students for each Dev Bootstrap is limited to 24 places (12 on each stream). These places are filled very fast so you better apply today!

The fees are a bit too high for me to afford personally. Should I still apply?

Absolutely! If you pass the application process (see above) you’ll have a reserved place on the bootcamp. We then have a number of choices for funding:

  • DevBootstrap will ask our Partners if they will sponsor you
  • DevBootstrap may be able to directly offer you a scholarship (very limited number available however!)
  • We can work together to help you raise money via crowd-funding sites like IndiGoGo
  • We can work together to help you raise money through local charities and NGO’s
  • If you have friends or family that can help you or if you have ideas of your own how to raise money then lets work together!

I am guaranteed a job after I complete DevBootstrap?

Nope, but you’ll be extremely employable. Additionally, all our Partners get the chance to meet and interview you once you graduate from Dev Bootstrap. In many cases you may already be sponsored by one of our partners which means you already have a job! :)

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