Ruby on Rails (Beginner) course starts next week!

by Panha Mao | Blog | January 06, 2015

We here at DevBootstrap are super excited to announce that we will be opening up the Ruby on Rails (beginner) course next week to an additional 4 students!. The course runs from 12th – 16th January 2015 between 8am and 4pm (5 days full-time).

The cost is just $300 per developer for the entire week. If your interested to have one of your developers take this course, please get in touch.

Any interested students will join the full-time students on DevBootstrap and learn Ruby on Rails together. You’ll also be building and deploying an application in the cloud! What better way to spend the week?!

Please contact us at DevBootstrap if your interested. Our mobile is: 012 22 33 48.

Course Benefits

Students will gain a solid understanding of building Rails applications from the ground up. They will understand the fundamental concepts of Rails and even get to deploy their applications in Production!

Course Outline

  1. Views and Controllers
  2. Introduction to Models
  3. MVC Pattern
  4. Database Migrations
  5. Helper Methods
  6. Routes
  7. TDD
  8. Creating Forms
  9. Partials
  10. Destroy Method
  11. Custom Queries
  12. Layouts
  13. Asset Pipeline
  14. Data Validations
  15. Flash
  16. One­to­Many Associations
  17. Deployment