Dev Bootstrap to officially launch at DI’s ‘Innovations in Technology’ expo!

by Panha Mao | Blog | September 06, 2014
Di tech expo e14108396938771

More exciting news! Dev Bootstrap founder, Darren Jensen, will be officially launching Dev Bootstrap to the public at the huge Technology Expo event held at Development Innovations building in Toul Tom Pong district of Phnom Penh this Monday!

Its expected that some of the Dev Bootstrap coaches will also be hanging around at the event too. If Dev Bootstrap interests you then why not drop by and we can have a chat! Alternatively, you don’t have to wait for this event but instead apply now!

Below is the official flyer for the event. If you want to find out more, visit the official event page on the Development Innovations website.

So hopefully, we’ll see you at the Technology Expo, next Monday, 8th September 2014 from 5pm!