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Mozilla confirmed to be part of Dev Bootstrap!

by Panha Mao | Blog | August 30, 2014
I am excited and pleased to announce that Mozilla will be holding a one day session in Dev Tools for the Firefox browser during the first Dev Boostrap event! Dev Tools provide a developer invaluable insight into the internal rendering engine of the browser. Developers can inspect the dom, css and javascript as well as change anything and see real-time updates in the page. Dev Tools also provide an incredibly useful JavaScript debugger which, I guarantee, you will need! Go to the Mozilla Developer Network for more information about Firefox Developer Tools ...

What does ‘bootstrap’ mean?

by Panha Mao | Blog | August 16, 2014
Sometimes people ask me about the term ‘bootstrap’. In this post, I’ll breifly explain it. “Bootstrap” or “Bootstrapping” means to startup something with a limited amount of resources. Its usually used in the Startup world for starting up a new business with a small amount of money. Bootstrapping a startup might also be termed a ‘lean’ startup – whereby the startup is built piece by piece until it fits the market and is ready for full launch. Of course, sometimes the startup does not ever go beyond a basic idea and landing page – but at least the idea was tried out and not too much was lost! Anyway, so this is why we sometimes use the phrase “Startup your developer career” at Dev Bootstrap!...

Inaugural Dev Bootstrap set for January 2015!

by Panha Mao | Blog | August 15, 2014
Great news today! The inaugural Dev Bootstrap is set for January 2015 and will run for 3 months. Development Innovations have kindly donated the use of their office space to conduct the first event! If you want to attend the first Dev Bootstrap in Cambodia then please head over to our application form (link at top right of page) and fill it out now! Remember that if you are a student the process is always for Dev Bootstrap to try and find you a sponsor to cover the $1500 fees AND put you straight into work right after. Sounds good right, so get applying!...
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