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Advanced Angular JS Course

by Panha Mao | Blog | February 12, 2015
Advanced Angular JS Course starts Monday 16th February 2015 – Friday 20th February 2015 Heads up! DevBootstrap is starting it’s ‘Advanced Angular JS’ course next week. The cost for the entire week long course is just $300 per student. Contact us now to reserve your seat! As a special bonus we’ll also have two guest sessions during the week! These are: A guide and demo of Firefox Developer tools to help you debug your JavaScript applications. Presentation by Arky, Mozilla Firefox evangelist. A guide to compiling an Angular JS application to native Android and iOS using PhoneGap. Presentation by Kruy Vanna, Mobile Developer. Here is a brief overview of the main topics covered during the Advanced Angular JS course next week. Using JWT for authentication Using Restacular as a replacement for $resource Building a custom directive Model Caching Model Validatons Model Serialization and Deserialization Using Angular-UI Directives such as ui-utils ng-grid ui-calendar ui-select angular-google-maps We look forward to seeing you all on the course!...
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